The Experience Counts core programme is delivered approximately 6 times per year over a 6-week period to a maximum of 10 participants. Attendance is for half a day per week. The programme was fully refreshed in 2020 to include feedback from our previous participants.

  • Establishing confidence and self-esteem through positivity activity and self-analysis
  • Identifying hidden talents and embedding confidence
  • Developing a personal skills-based Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Building a CV personal statement
  • Preparing for interview
  • An introduction to assertiveness techniques
  • Preparing job applications and a review of skills and knowledge attained on the course

Throughout the six weeks and through individualised support, participants explore their hidden or under-recognised talents and skills. The flexible and adaptive nature of the programme allows participants to learn more about themselves and to move forward at a pace which suits their individual needs. Each individual leaves the Experience Counts programme better prepared for work.


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What our participants say...

Brilliant – useful – inspiring. makes you think

Thank you for taking the time to engage with me as an individual. I was never afraid to raise my concerns which has been really helpful

Experience Counts has been a confidence builder and an eye into the recruitment process, I could not have done it without their support. Thank you

Motivating, uplifting and informative

I would not have got that job offer if I hadn’t been on this course and understood how recruitment works now

Hearing others’ experiences and realising that we are all in the same boat with similar difficulties

The aim to provide unconditional support and confidence building is key and I felt this was most successful. It’s been a tonic

Motivating, uplifting and informative

The trainers evaluate each session to assess what worked well and what we may need to improve upon