Experience Counts (York) CIC

We believe passionately that people over 50 years old have a huge amount of untapped knowledge and expertise to offer in employment, self-employment and volunteering.  They are also flexible, adaptable, capable of both learning new skills and also understanding how many of their skills are transferable.  What they lack currently is a holistic, realistic and supportive programme which takes account of personal circumstances and health or family constraints to enable them to move forward positively and successfully. We offer that training programme.

Who?: Welcome to Experience Counts (York) CIC.  We are a Community Interest Company  run by (left to right) Julie Kitching, Simon Errington and Jackie Evans.  We are supported by Neil Hindhaugh, Peter Swindells and Lucy Bebb.  Experience Count (York) CIC is registered with Companies House (Company Number: 10421223).

What?:  Free workshops to look at what your future opportunities might be and help you get ready for them.

When?: Please contact us for information about our next programme.

How?: We help you find your hidden talents, build confidence, inform you about modern recruitment processes to help you move into employment, self-employment, volunteering or further training.

This is the difference we make!

Listen to Julie talking about the outcomes achieved by our amazing participants


I would just like to thank you for this update and congratulate you on the success of the scheme. The numbers you quote […] are very impressive and evidence of the hard work and commitment of your team and just how beneficial this type of work is to making a difference in our society.

Sincere Thanks

Hayley Fairburn | Service Leader, Small Day Services Provision for People with Learning Disabilities

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