We believe passionately that people over 50 years old have a huge amount of untapped knowledge and expertise to offer in employment, self-employment and volunteering. They are also flexible, adaptable, capable of both learning new skills and also understanding how many of their skills are transferable. What they lack currently is a holistic, realistic and supportive programme which takes account of personal circumstances and health or family constraints to enable them to move forward positively and successfully. We offer that training programme.

Director/Trainer: Julie Kitching is a highly qualified Coach/Mentor.

Julie brings a calm measured approach to our programme. She is extremely experienced in delivering similar programmes, as well as HR procedures. Her own experiences, both as an employed and self-employed older worker, have shown her very clearly that without confidence, and the tools to harness skills and talents, real or perceived barriers can prevent progress.

Director/Trainer: Simon is a highly qualified Development Manager/Coach

Simon is passionate about the development of people, supporting them to identify and realise their full potential, whatever this may look like. He is an experienced coach and provides a sense of joy to situations through his fun personality.
He is both experienced and successful in realising opportunities for individuals. Through a motivational approach he explores the person behind the person, uncovering and developing the real opportunities which exist to provide success in achieving personal goals.

Director: Ray Price is a retired businessman having spent over 30 years in the rail industry

This experience includes Director level in two FTSE 100 Companies and working in multi-disciplined and complex environments requiring strong leadership, financial and commercial skills. His qualifications include an MBA and he has previously been a Member of the Institute of Directors, the Chartered Institute of Transport and the Institute of Risk and Safety Management. Ray offers financial and business management expertise to Experience Counts York on a voluntary basis together with a keen interest in supporting the over 50’s back into employment.

Trainer/Coach: Nick Haigh

As a qualified job coach with a keen interest in personal and professional development methodologies Nick enthusiastically seeks to help others to realise their true potential.

Underpinning his approach is a strong belief that many of us are ‘leading quite lives of desperation’ either currently working or seeking employment in jobs that are at best are ill-suited or severely limit the use of our natural creative talents. Nick seeks to redress this by encouraging others to explore their innate sense of play, expression and individualism to find work that is more meaningful and ultimately more fulfilling.

Trainer/Coach: Jude Robinson

Jude has worked extensively in Education, providing careers guidance, teaching & coaching, project management and recruitment support.

She started her own business as a career and life coach and is enthusiastic about the field of health and wellbeing and has added qualifications in hypnotherapy, laughter, energy balancing, Neuro Linguistic Programming and meditation to her skills portfolio.

She is passionate about integrating her life experience of supporting people to make life changing decisions with her new transformative tools and techniques.

What our participants say...

Brilliant – useful – inspiring. makes you think

Thank you for taking the time to engage with me as an individual. I was never afraid to raise my concerns which has been really helpful

Experience Counts has been a confidence builder and an eye into the recruitment process, I could not have done it without their support. Thank you

Motivating, uplifting and informative

I would not have got that job offer if I hadn’t been on this course and understood how recruitment works now

Hearing others’ experiences and realising that we are all in the same boat with similar difficulties

The aim to provide unconditional support and confidence building is key and I felt this was most successful. It’s been a tonic

Motivating, uplifting and informative

The trainers evaluate each session to assess what worked well and what we may need to improve upon