What our participants say about our Experience Counts 50+ programmes

Thank you to 2 participants, for plucking up courage to record their thoughts on the Experience Counts 50+ programme.

Click below to hear from one participant about the impact on them of attending an Experience Counts 50+ programme

Click below to hear what one participant thought about the Experience Counts 50+ programme

“Brilliant and thought provoking” “wish we could have had another week or follow-up group session after 1 month”

“I have enjoyed the programme and been made aware of other achievements (not to be blinkered). Helped to bring out skills and confidence” The programme was “very informative and fun”.

“The programme aims have made me more confident in myself” “talking about an event in life and finding out other people’s opinion” was must useful.

“It has build up my confidence up enormously”

” Support from the people who facilitate the course and 1:1 support” was most useful. “I realise that I have skills that are positive”

“I had been unemployed for 6 months, when I joined the Experience Counts 50+ programme. Meeting the other people on the programme made me realise I wasn’t alone. I felt part of a team. I was successful at interview and left the programme in week 3. I wanted everyone to know that I was so happy not to have settled for a job that was second best”.

“The Experience Counts programme helped me to understand what I value what I want and don’t want to do. How my skills are transferable and can be highlighted accordingly. I Feel more positive and confident.”

“Excellent delivery. Both advisers/trainers very good and complement each other.”

“Genuine caring/supportive attitudes. Delivery is just about right with both course leaders working well together using their personal experiences to enhance the process.”

“Julie and Jackie made us all feel at home and welcome. They were friendly, approachable and responsive to participants’ individual requirements.”

“The Experience Counts 50+ programme was ‘life changing’.  Being part of a group wasn’t comfortable for me, but it helped me challenge my assumptions about the other people.  Thinking about where I was happiest, helped me move onto a volunteering opportunity.”

” The programme helped me understand what I didn’t want to do and gave me confidence to follow my dream.”

“The Experience Counts programme helped me to find out about myself, my skills, abilities and to have more confidence in myself”.

“It’s good to be reminded on how much we have to offer!”

“I am going to carry on exploring and building on the strong foundation I now have to see what next for me and my career.”

“It was particularly helpful to do the group exercise and then the positivity so we could focus on what we were good as and others could contribute, based on what they had seen.”

“The content is very good, focusing on skills and CVs and on your strengths.  It also gives you positivity and hope.”

“The trainers experience and the way they put out the things they wanted to teach us really worked well and I was able to warm to their approach.”

“The Experience Counts programme reminded me what I can do and switched my thinking towards recognising things I take for granted, as a mum, are actually useful skills and not to be discounted.”

“It has given me confidence and helped me see what I have to offer.”

“The Experience Counts programme aims to do as the title suggests, that at 50 + people have so much life/work/professional experience to offer. The facilitators take you through process of helping participants focus on your experience.  What you can offer. It is a very positive process.”

“The Experience Counts programme was very positive – simply laid out and not scary.”

“The programme was positive.  Effective. Leading to change.  Appropriate to all the delegates with a variety of situations.”

“Very positive and uplifting.”

“Excellent opportunity to regenerate yourself within a safe-secure environment.”

“It was very well structured and facilitated.  Jackie and Julie are very well experienced coaches and worked hard to formulate a structured plan to bring out the best way forward for me.”

“Lots of information to cover. Wish it could have been longer. Very useful -especially the information about personal profile writing.  Appreciated the opportunity to speak as part of a group.”

“Beyond expectations in terms of practical CV writing material.  The most useful and comprehensive I have ever seen.  The 1-1 with Jackie was most useful.”

“Very relevant and interesting.  All of it was thought provoking a well as being challenging at times.”

“Loved it, Very encouraging, supportive, positive coaching experience.”

“I like the informal style and the way that everyone is encouraged to participate.  I like the way that it is delivered in a gentle way and have enjoyed the laughter.  I have enjoyed being in a supportive group.”

“Immensely effective. A ‘safe’ and professional context to explore experience to date both in and out of the workplace.  Loved and learnt from both the role plays.

“Lovely, calm, friendly, helpful leaders.”

“Gentle delivery of the content by Julie and Jackie.  Delivered at a pace that all will find easy to take in.”

“Excellent. Common sense. Human touch. Venue good. Well thought out.  Relaxed. Ground rules really well set out and maintained.”

“The Experience Counts 50+ programme has been a very self-reflective process and I believe has been very positive”

“The programme leaders assisted me to identify what is ‘good’ about me and my skills!”

“It has allowed me time to consider what I want to do. It has also taught me that I can become part of a group again.”

“The programme helped me reassess my CV/values/authentic self. Huge impact on my confidence.  Four job interviews (successful).”

“I have really enjoyed coming along and sharing views and experiences with other people.  Don’t feel quite so alone and isolated knowing that others feel the same way.”

“Unravelled myself and allowed me to open up to new topics, people and situations. a real tonic for the over 50s soul.”

“I have enjoyed meeting with other people in similar circumstances.”

“Thanks for everything you taught on the course. You have given me lots to think about. ”

“Thank you very much for all your help and your advice. I don’t think it was a coincidence that me doing your excellent course and me then applying it to both my CV and covering letters was when I started to eventually getting job interviews and happily ending up with 4 job offers!

“Jackie Evans and Julie Kitching have helped me understand what inspires and motivates me and how I should present those things in my business CV and my ‘life after business CV’ for the future.”

“I would like to thank you and Jackie for all your help; I am sure I would not have got the job had I not attended your workshops. I felt much more confident in myself and what I was capable of and as we discussed I find I am using skills in my new job which I had not always used in previous jobs and might not have thought to mention at an interview or on a C.V.”