About us – meet the Experience Counts team

We believe passionately that people over 50 years old have a huge amount of untapped knowledge and expertise to offer in employment, self-employment and volunteering.  They are also flexible, adaptable, capable of both learning new skills and also understanding how many of their skills are transferable.  What they lack currently is a holistic, realistic and supportive programme which takes account of personal circumstances and health or family constraints to enable them to move forward positively and successfully. We offer that training programme.

We are a Community Interest Company run by Julie Kitching and Simon Errington.  We are supported by Neil Hindhaugh, Peter Swindells and Lucy Bebb.

Meet the team


 Director/Trainer: Julie Kitching is a highly qualified Coach/Mentor.

Julie brings a calm measured approach to our programme.  She is extremely experienced in delivering similar programmes, as well as HR procedures.  Her own experiences, both as an employed and self-employed older worker, have shown her very clearly that without confidence, and the tools to harness skills and talents, real or perceived barriers can prevent progress.


Director/Trainer: Simon is a highly qualified Development Manager/Coach

Simon is passionate about the development of people, supporting them to identify and realise their full potential, whatever this may look like.  He is an experienced coach and provides a sense of joy to situations through his fun personality.

He is both experienced and successful in realising opportunities for individuals.  Through a motivational approach he explores the person behind the person, uncovering and developing the real opportunities which exist to provide success in achieving personal goals.

Experience Counts (York) CIC Management structure

Julie Kitching: Director

Simon Errington: Director

Neil Hindhaugh: Volunteer Management adviser




Peter Swindells: Volunteer Finance/IT adviser




Lucy Bebb: Volunteer Researcher